Dolly Dots

Forever (2022)

Release: 28-01-2022 | Label: Music On Vinyl / Music On Vinyl


Disc 1
1. (Tell It All About) Boys
2. Radio
3. (They Are) Rollerskating
4. We Believe In Love
5. Hela-Di-Ladi-Lo
6. The Dreammachine
7. Leila (The Queen Of Sheba)
8. P.s.
9. S.t.o.p.
10. Do You Wanna Wanna
11. Do Wah Diddy Diddy
12. All The Roses
13. Money Lover (Bite The Dust)
14. Don’t Give Up
Disc 2
1. Love Me Just A Little Bit More (Totally Hooked On You)
2. She’s A Liar
3. Trick Of The Eye
4. Give A Girl A Break
5. Where Were You (When I Needed You)
6. Only The Rain
7. Unique
8. Dreaming Of You
9. This Girl
10. Hearts Beat Thunder
11. Make It Up To You
12. What A Night
13. Dolly Dots Megamix
14. Are You With Me
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