16 Horsepower


Release: 18-04-2015 | Label: Volkoren

Record Store Day reissue of 16 Horsepower’s 4th studio album, originally released in 2002, and unavailable on vinyl for over 10 years. As hinted to by its name, most of the material on the album is drawn from traditional folk music. Only four of the songs (“Hutterite Mile,” “Blessed Persistence,” “Beyond the Pale” and “Flutter”) on the album are original 16 Horsepower compositions.
Tracklist: 1. “Hutterite Mile” 2. “Outlaw Song” (Traditional) 3. “Blessed Persistence” 4. “Alone and Forsaken” (Hank Williams) 5. “Single Girl” (The Carter Family) 6. “Beyond the Pale” 7. “Horse Head Fiddle” (Traditional) 8. “Sinnerman” (Traditional) 9. “Flutter” 10. “La Robe a Parasol” (Traditional)

Bron: recordstoreday.nl

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