Flying Dream 1

Van 5 naar 22 | 2 weken | Release: 19-11-2021 | Label: Polydor / Universal

Indie Only Green Vinyl

‘Flying Dream 1’ was written remotely in the band’s home studios before coming together at the empty Brighton Theatre Royal to perfect, perform, and record the songs. 

‘We don’t phone each other for a chat. We don’t talk about life outside the music until we’re together. These hushed night-time missives told us how each other were doing. When we finally got together, all that was to do was record the songs, honour them with amazing additional singers and players in a gorgeous space and catch up. It was beautiful.’ Guy Garvey, August 2021.


1. ‘Flying Dream 1’
2. ‘After the Eclipse’
3. ‘Is It a Bird’
4. ‘Six Words’
5. ‘Calm and Happy’
6. ‘Come On, Blue’
7. ‘The Only Road’
8. ‘Red Sky Radio (Baby Baby Baby)’
9. ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’
10. ‘What Am I Without You’

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