Various Artists

File #733 U.F.O. – Further Investigation

Release: 29-11-2019 | Label: Modern Harmonic / V2RED

What do you get when you combine a 1966 album of a man interviewing survivors of alien abductions with new music from the likes of modern psych beacons Kikagaku Moyo, Heron Oblivion, Al Lover, Mugstar, Earthen Sea, Demian Castellanos, Holy Mountain Top Removers, Jeffrey Alexander, Terceiro Olho de Marte, and White Manna? …not sure but you’re going to need two turntables to find out. This odd collaboration is both the first reissue of a strange spoken word record, and a separate LP of modern drone and psych that works as the perfect backdrop to the words of Jack Jenkins and Sid Padrick, these are two fabulous albums that combine to form one magnificent experience.

LP #1 (Jack Jenkins – File #733 U.F.O.)

SIDE A: 1. Do They Or Don’t They Exist?
2. The U.F.O. Cults
3. Telepathic Communication With Saucer Men!
4. A Message From Outer Space
5. Science And The Saucers
6. The Strange Case Of Sid Padrick
7. Inside A Space Craft
8. Why Are They Here?
9. Where Are They From?
10. Spacemen…Animal, Mineral or Vegetable?

SIDE B: 1. The Airforce And U.F.O!
2. The Case Of The Missing A.F. Planes
3. The Flood Of Saucer Sightings
4. The Case Of The Persistent Saucers
5. Mrs. Brundages’
6. Night Of Fear
7. Brundage Continued
8. The James Flynn Story
9. The Mystery Ray Strikes
10. A Blinded Mr. Flynn
11. Old Tricks…Air Force Style
12. Conclusion

LP #2 (Various Artists – Further Investigation) Featuring:
1. Earthen Sea – Night Walk
2. Jeffrey Alexander – Floating Lights
3. Mugstar – Granite Trees
4. Kikagaku Moyo -Uwanosora
5. Heron Oblivion – Pedals Fell In Bayview
6. Demian Castellanos – Overtone Sequence
7. Holy Mountain Top Removers – Diatribe Convoy
8. Jeffrey Alexander – Astral Traveler
9. Demian Castellanos – Holographic
10. Mugstar – Drones On Drones
11. Terceiro Olho de Marte – Pala
12. Al Lover – Dualism Disrupted
13. Jeffrey Alexander – Closed Eye Vision
14. White Manna – In The Hoosegow

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