Fate: The Best Of Death

Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Membran / Bertus

1x LP Royal Blue Vinyl With Splatters

Fate: The Best of Death is a compilation album by Death. It contains songs collected from their first four albums, Scream Bloody Gore (1987), Leprosy (1988), Spiritual Healing (1990) and Human (1991). This reissue has been remixed and remastered. The first issue of this compilation has been out of print since its official release in 1992. Comes on limited Royal Blue vinyl with splatter.


1. Zombie Ritual (Remaster)
2. Together As One (Remaster)
3. Open Casket (Remaster)
4. Spiritual Healing (Remaster)
5. Mutilation (Remaster)
6. Suicide Machine (Remaster)
7. Altering the Future (Remaster)
8. Baptized In Blood (Remaster)
9. Left to Die (Remaster)
10. Pull the Plug (Remaster)

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