Matchbox Twenty

Exile On Mainstream

Release: 4-11-2022 | Label: Warner Music Group / Warner

Indie Only White Vinyl

“Exile on Mainstream” is the first & only compilation album by American rock band Matchbox Twenty. This 2007 release features 7 new songs that emerged from a Steve Lillywhite-produced session as well as 11 of the band’s biggest hits. This reissue marks the first color-vinyl edition of the record and the first time re-pressed since 2007.


LP 1

1. How Far We’ve Come

2. I’ll Believe You When

3. All Your Reasons

4. These Hard Times

5. If I Fall

6. Can’t Let You Go

7. Come Dancing

LP 2

1. Long Day

2. Push

3. 3 A.M.

4. Real World

5. Back 2 Good

6. Bent

7. If You’re Gone

8. Mad Season

9. Disease

10. Unwell

11. Bright Lights

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