Eternal Ring

Release: 17-02-2023 | Label: Membran / Suburban

Indie Only Orange Vinyl

Alternative rock! Some quotes from the media: “Their warm-hearted, syrupy rock songs make them a band to watch in 2020.” – PASTE (“The 20 Best EPs of 2019”) “The video (and the song as well!) is a dreamily yearning slowcore treat.” – THE BIG TAKEOVER “The new single ‘Talking Secret’ from young Los Angeles-based upstarts Milly is a true slowburn that oozes thick, syrupy melodies that unfold at a deliberate but assured pace.” – POST-TRASH “LA-based slowcore up and comers Milly emerge with ‘Talking Secret,’ their debut single on Dangerbird Records which couldn’t be more convincing and expressive of their ardent potentiality. The band’s sound is a compelling fusion of shoegaze, slowcore, and lo-fi indie rock, all smoothly coming together into a solid blend.” – DESTROY//EXIST


1. Illuminate

2. Sedation

3. Aberdeen

4. Marcy

5. Nullify

6. Memories Drowing

7. Butterfly

8. Spiraling High

9. Redwhiteblue

10. The End

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