Miles Davis

      Early Minor: Rare Miles From The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions

      Release: 28-11-2019 | Label: Columbia / SO.NL


      During the year between the dissolution of his ‘60s quintet and the groundbreaking Bitches Brew, Miles Davis recorded a number of transitional sessions creating music of lyrical beauty, culminating in the masterful album In a Silent Way. Three superb pieces—“Splashdown,” “Early Minor” and “The Ghetto Walk”—come to vinyl for general release for the first time ever, as originally heard on The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions, released in 2001.

      Content had been included on 2001 CD set of COMPLETE IN A SILENT WAY SESSIONS and on the long out of print limited edition COMPLETE IN A SILENT WAY SESSIONS vinyl release.

      Side A: 1. Splashdown (8:02) 2. Early Minor (6:58)
      Side B: 1. The Ghetto Walk (26:47)

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