Various Artists

Detroit Punk Archive presents “The End of the Night (1976-1983)”

Release: 22-05-2020 | Label: Hold Fast / LITA

2 x 2xLP

IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY BAND NAME The 27 – “Walk on the Wire” (Live at Bookie’s Club 870) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) BADHABIT – “Pokin’ Strokin’ Love” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) The Blind – “The Truth is Not Always Nice” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) The Boners – “Do The Itch” Cadillac Kidz – “Atomic Fazor” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) Cinecyde – “Phosphorous and Napalm” Coldcock – “You” Crayon Killers – “Callin’ Out” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) The Cubes – “Rockin’ Right” Cult Heroes – “Amerikan Story” The Denizens – “Danger in Disneyland” Flirt – “De-Generator” The Ivories – “I’m Waiting” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) Mr Unique & the Leisure Class – “Young, Gifted and White” The Mutants – “So American” The Pathetx – “Walter Cronkite” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) The Plugs – “I Like My Dad” The Ramrods – “Nothin’ to Do in Detroit” The Reruns – “So So Alone” Retro – “U-Boat” Route 666 – “Animal Bondage” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) R.U.R. – “Go Baby” Rushlow-King Combo – “See You Later Perhaps” The Seatbelts – “I Wanna Marry Patti Smith” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) Service – “Video” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) The Sillies – “Love You to Death” The 3-D Invisibles – “Down at the Korova” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) Thwarted – “Out of Time” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) The Traitors – “Money (That’s What I Want)” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

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