Patti Smith

Curated By Record Store Day

Release: 23-04-2022 | Label: Legacy Recordings / Bertus

RSD 2022

2x LP

New 2-LP compilation of classic Patti Smith tracks from 1974 – 1996, curated by Record Store Day. Includes “Gloria,” “Because The Night,” “Dancing Barefoot” and “People Have The Power.”


Side A
1. People Have the Power
2. Birdland
3. Ask The Angels

Side B
1. Dancing Barefoot
2. Poppies
3. Because The Night
4. Pumping (My Heart)

Side C
1. Frederick
2. About A Boy
3. Free Money
4. Piss Factory

Side D
1. Gloria
2. Till Victory
3. Paths That Cross
4. Land

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