Howard Jones

Complete BBC Sessions (1983-1987)

Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Cherry Red / Suburban

2 x LP Blue Vinyl

A 2LP containing all 19 session tracks that Howard Jones recorded for the BBC between 1983-1987. the vast majority of them (17 of the 19 tracks) have never previously been released on vinyl.

SIDE ONE BBC Session 27/05/1983
1 New Song
2 Don’t Put These Curses On Me
3 Natural
4 Human’s Lib
5 Love?

SIDE TWO BBC Session 27/05/1983
1 Human’s Lib
2 Risk
3 Always Asking Questions
4 What Can I Say?

BBC Session 27/01/1985
5 Things Can Only Get Better

SIDE THREE BBC Session 27/01/1985
1 Look Mama
2 Dream Into Action
3 No One Is To Blame

BBC Session 30/03/1987
4 Conditioning
5 Little Bit Of Snow

SIDE FOUR BBC Session 30/03/1987
1 The Balance Of Love
2 Don’t Want To Fight Anymore
3 Give Me Strength
4 I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)


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