Cassandra Wilson

Coming Forth by Day

Release: 3-04-2015 | Label: Legacy

Coming Forth by Day is an homage dedicated to the beauty, power, and genius of Billie Holiday. It is a vehicle for the re-emergence of her songbook in the 21st century. Inspired by the Kemetic texts that give guidance through the afterlife, Coming Forth by Day is a collection of musical spells, prescriptions for navigating the myths surrounding her life and times . There are eleven covers included in this project. Each one is unique and tells its own story. The twelfth and last song is called Last Song for Lester Young, a piece based on the events surrounding the funeral of her long time companion, Lester Young. After hearing of Lester’s passing while touring in Europe, Billie immediately flew home to the States to attend his funeral. She wanted to sing a song for him as a final farewell. Unfortunately, Lester’s family, for whatever reason, denied Billie the opportunity to sing. She was devastated. Our Last Song for Lester Young fills the void and fulfills Lady Day’s fervent wish to express the significance of their eternal union.

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