Blue Wonder Power Milk

Release: 18-04-2015 | Label: Music On Vinyl

Blue Wonder Power Milk is the second album by the Belgian band Hooverphonic, the first one featuring lead singer Geike Arnaert . The singles released from this album are “This Strange Effect”, “Lung”, “Club Montepulciano” and the hit single “Eden”.

The song “This Strange Effect” made its debut on a commercial for the Motorola SLVR phone. “Eden” was featured in an American cell phone commercial for the Cingular 8525 in 2006, while “Renaissance Affair” was featured in a commercial for the Volkswagen Vapor, a limited-edition color of their New Beetle automobile.

The album is mainly composed of dance club beats and strings. Most songs featured on the album are guided by light strings, making the album fall into genres of indie pop, dream pop, and trip-hop.

Bron: recordstoreday.nl

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