U.S. Girls

Bless This Mess

Release: 24-02-2023 | Label: Matador / V2

Indie Only Red Vinyl

Conceived in tandem with the conception and birth of twin boys, the songs were pieced together stem by stem with a vast cast of collaborators… As her body changed so did her voice; her diaphragm lost breathing room, adjusting to the growing lives inside. Many takes were tracked with the babies in utero, or in her arms. (She even samples her breast pump on the album’s poetic closing cut, “Pump”). Remy’s performances are suffused by the physicality of this journey: more blood, more feelings, the interwoven wonders, and wounds of procreation. Fittingly, the songs vary widely in tempo and instrumentation, but brim with a sense of experiential revelation, between discovery and delirium.


1. Only Daedalus
2. Just Space For Light
3. Screen Face
4. Futures Bet
5. So Typically Now
6. Bless This Mess
7. Tux (Your Body Fills Me, Boo)
8. R.I.P. Roy G. Biv
9. St. James Way
10. Pump

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