Black Gold – Best Of Editors

Release: 25-10-2019 | Label: [PIAS] / [PIAS]

Op 25 oktober verschijnt Black Gold – Best of Editors. Black Gold is verkrijgbaar op cd, 2cd (inclusief 8 exclusieve akoestische tracks), 2lp en 2lp wit vinyl, speciaal voor de platenzaken!

Indie Only versie
dus op wit vinyl (2LP)
Deze speciale versie (limited edition) is alleen verkrijgbaar bij deze platenzaken!

In continuation of what’s been one of the most prolific creative streaks of their 15 year career, Editors have announced the release of their best of album Black Gold, out October 25th via Play It Again Sam. Black Gold will include 13 tracks from their 6 studio albums, alongside 3 brand new offerings: ‘Upside Down’, summer festival anthem ‘Frankenstein’ (watch the supernatural video here) and the gothically dramatic title track ‘Black Gold’ – out today.

The album also comes in a deluxe 2CD version, which includes a second disc of 8 stripped back recordings of tracks from the band’s catalogue titled ‘Distance: The Acoustic Recordings’.

And so they reached out again to Garrett “Jacknife” Lee (U2, Snow Patrol, REM, The Killers), the Grammy-winning producer who worked with Editors on their #1 sophomore album An End Has a Start, to produce the three new offerings that would go alongside a collection of tracks spanning 15 years, 6 studio albums and over 2.5 million album sales. Amongst the tracklist is the adrenalized, shivery blast that is ‘Munich’, top 10 indie rock anthem ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’, pulsing, synth- driven Belgium chart-topper ‘Papillon’ and the understated, isolated melody of ‘Ocean of Night’.


CD1 & LP:
1. Frankenstein

2. Papillon

3. Munich

4. Sugar

5. Hallelujah (So Low)

6. An End Has A Start

7. Upside Down

8. Bullets

9. Ocean Of Night

10. No Harm

11. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

12. A Ton Of Love

13. Magazine

14. The Racing Rats

15. Black Gold

16. No Sound But The Wind


17. Violence (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)

18. Walk The Fleet Road (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)

19. Blood (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)

20. Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)

21. Smokers Outside The Hospital Door (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)

22. Fall (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)

23. Two Hearted Spider (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)

24. Distance (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)




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