Mungo'S Hi Fi Ft. Marina

The Beat Goes Ska!

Release: 29-08-2020 | Label: Cargo (Uk) / Bertus

Mungo’s HiFi continue their tradition of exciting and innovative Record Store Day releases with a souped-up ska classic. It’s a catchy, ingenious “ska-ification” of Sonny and Cher’s 1967 standard And The Beat Goes On. Bright, optimistic and drenched in crisp horns, And The Beat Goes Ska enlists three artists from different eras for an inter-generational family vibe. Singing duties are given to France-based Italian vocalist Marina P (who has Mungo’s ska previous form on their infamous Belly Ska riddim). Legendary rocksteady and reggae deejay Dennis Alcapone gives a toasting lesson in 60s and 70s Jamaican sound system history. Dancehall master and crucial entertainer Tippa Irie also takes the mic, using fast-chat to explain his generation’s UK contribution in the 80s and 90s. The flipside is the piano-led ska rhythm instrumental Ivory Coast – bringing back memories of the likes of Theophilus Beckford and Gladstone Anderson. Refreshing yet reverent, And The Beat Goes Ska is the kind of uplifting musical message everyone needs in their collection. It’s the first track from a forthcoming Marina P album, due later in the year.

1 x 12in

Beat Goes Ska / Ivory Coast / RSD 20

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