Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers

Back In Your Life

Release: 11-11-2022 | Label: Membran / Suburban

Indie Only Green Vinyl

The third studio release from the There’s Something About Mary star • Produced by Beserkley Records founder Matthew King Kauffman and pop-legend and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Famer, Kenny Laguna • Available CD & LP, with an exclusive green colored variant for Independent retail Jonathan Richman’s intended Beserkley catalog is available again. His true releases, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers and Rock ‘n’ Roll With The Modern Lovers are back, as originally intended, on CD and LP with exclusive colored variants for Independent retail.


1. Abdul and Cleopatra

2. (She’s Gonna) Respect Me

3. Lover Please

4. Affection

5. Buzz Buzz Buzz

6. Back In Your Life

7. Party In the Woods Tonight

8. My Love is a Flower (Just Beginning To Bloom)

9. I’m Nature’s Mosquito

10. Emaline

11. Lydia

12. I Hear You Calling Me

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