David J with Tim Newman

Analogue Excavations & Dream Interpretations Volume 1

Release: 18-06-2022 | Label: Glass Modern / Suburban

RSD 2022

1x LP

David J has been trawling through his archive of tapes and diaries from the early 80s in collaboration with sound sculptor Tim Newman to present two volumes of unique spoken word and songs, including a vocal contribution from Black Francis of The Pixies and guitar overdubs by Warren Defever of His Name Is Alive and Adrian Utley of Portishead. Sleeve notes by Andrew Brroksbank of the Bauhaus Archive. Tangerine Vinyl.


Side 1
1. The Clock Becomes an Impersonator of Torture
2. Raintown
3. Deep at Rest
4. The Hollow Men

Side 2
1. Miles Goes to Macclesfield
2. All Colours of Earth
3. Oblique
4. Berlin Crossing
5. Tiny Gun

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