Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Soundtrack

A Star is Born (Soundtrack)

Release: 5-10-2018 | Label: Interscope / Universal

A Star Is Born is een Amerikaanse muzikale romantische film uit 2018, geregisseerd door Bradley Cooper en de derde remake van de gelijknamige film uit 1937. Cooper schreef het scenario samen met Will Fetters en Eric Roth, was producent en speelt samen met Lady Gaga de hoofdrol.
Disc 1

  1. Intro
  2. Black Eyes
  3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Dialogue)
  4. Fabulous French (Dialogue)
  5. La Vie En Rose
  6. I’ll Wait For You (Dialogue)
  7. Maybe It’s Time
  8. Parking Lot (Dialogue)
  9. Out Of Time
  10. Alibi
  11. Trust Me (Dialogue)
  12. Shallow
  13. First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue)
  14. Music To My Eyes
  15. Diggin’ My Grave
  16. I Love You (Dialogue)
  17. Always Remember Us This Way
  18. Unbelievable (Dialogue)
Disc 2

  1. How Do You Hear It? (Dialogue)
  2. Look What I Found
  3. Memphis (Dialogue)
  4. Heal Me
  5. I Don’t Know What Love Is
  6. Vows (Dialogue)
  7. Is That Alright?
  8. Snl (Dialogue)
  9. Why Did You Do That?
  10. Hair Body Face
  11. Scene 98 (Dialogue)
  12. Before I Cry
  13. Too Far Gone
  14. Twelve Notes (Dialogue)
  15. I’ll Never Love Again (Film Version)
  16. I’ll Never Love Again (Extended Version)
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