Sugar Ray

      14:59 – 20th anniversary reissue

      Release: 29-11-2019 | Label: RT Industries / ADA

      20th anniversary reissue of Sugar Ray’s triple-platinum selling album featuring Top 10 singles “Someday” and “Every Morning.” Out of print on vinyl since its original release, this new reissue is pressed on red vinyl. Audio has been remastered from the original tapes.
      1LP – coloured

      1. New Direction
      2. Every Morning
      3. Falls Apart
      4. Personal Space Invader
      5. Live & Direct (ft. KRS-One)
      6. Someday
      7. Aim For Me
      8. Ode to the Lonely Hearted
      9. Burning Dog
      10. Even Though
      11. Abracadabra
      12. Glory
      13. New Direction

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