St. Vincent ambassadeur Record Store Day 2017

De Amerikaanse ambassadeur van Record Store Day 2017 is St. Vincent.
Annie Clark, beter bekend als St. Vincent is een Amerikaanse singer-songwriter en multi-instrumentalist. Ze groeide op in Dallas en studeerde enkele jaren aan de Berklee College of Music. Voor haar solocarrière maakte ze deel uit van The Polyphonic Spree en de touring band van Sufjan Stevens. Lees hieronder het volledige persbericht of bekijk hier de aankondiging via Funny Or Die.


In 2009, Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal created it. Since then, the title of Record Store Day Ambassador has been held by Homme, Ozzy, Iggy, Grohl, Jack, Chuck and Metallica.

For 2017, RSD’s 10th Anniversary year, the honor goes to St. Vincent.

Says the artist, “It is with deep honor and humility that I accept this ambassadorship. Rest assured I do not take my duties lightly.”

St. Vincent has spent the better part of the past decade forging a customized path to legendary status herself including a steady incline of hyper-critically acclaimed solo efforts, one of which, her eponymously titled LP St. Vincent, commanded a 2014 Grammy win for Best Alternative Music Album, not to mention 2012’s lovingly embraced collaboration with David Byrne, Love This Giant.  The guitarist worked with Ernie Ball to create a signature guitar, and recently turned to film, writing and directing her first movie, a short film featured in the horror anthology XX.

Her history with Record Store Day includes a red vinyl 7” (“Krokodil”/“GROT”) for Record Store Day 2012, a 10” exclusive release for Record Store Day Black Friday 2015 and time spent alongside The B-52s’ Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson, Todd Barry and more on a panel convened to promote the List Launch of Record Store Day 2015.

Record Store Day co-founder, Carrie Colliton proclaims, “Being the Ambassador of Record Store Day is meant to be fun and a little silly, and I think it’s fantastic that we’re celebrating this year with a woman who can be both those things while being a respected musician and record store regular as well. It’s a damn good fit.”

For a unique glimpse at the “silly,” visit or for Madame Ambassador’s Official Record Store Day video.

And rest assured, we are deeply honored ourselves.


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