Jackie Cane

      Release: 22-04-2017 | Label: Music On Vinyl

      Hooverphonic – Jackie Cane



      1LP, 180 GRAM

      3mm sleeve

      •  180 gram audiophile vinyl
      • Includes insert
      • 15th Anniversary Edition
      • Featuring the hit singles “Sometimes”, “The World Is Mine” and “One”
      • Exclusive pressing of 1.000 numbered copies on red vinyl


      Track listing:

      Side One

      1. Sometimes
      2. One
      3. Human Interest
      4. Nirvana Blue
      5. The World Is Mine
      6. Jackie’s Delirium
      7. Sad Song


      Side Two

      1. Day After Day
      2. Shampoo
      3. Others Delight
      4. Opium
      5. The Last Supper
      6. The Kiss


      Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane is the fourth album by the Belgian band Hooverphonic. It’s a concept album, telling the story of fictional singer Jackie Cane.

      The story revolves around the fictitious character Jackie Cane who leaves her identical twin sister in order to become a professional singer. Driven to the brink of insanity by the pressures of fame, Jackie quits show business and returns home to attempt reconciliation with her sister. But, still bitter from years of being put last, her sister kills both of them with a poisoned Last Supper.

      Jackie Cane retains the dreamy elements of Hooverphonic’s previous works, most notably on songs “Nirvana Blue” and “Human Interest” (which contains references to “Echoes” by Pink Floyd), but tracks like “The World Is Mine” (the first single) and “Day After Day” have a clear Broadway influence and quality to them. The album went platinum in Belgium and won the group ZAMU’s Best Pop/Rock Band and Best Album awards in 2002.

      The 15th Anniversary Edition will be available exclusively on Record Store day. Only 1.000 individually numbered copies on transparent red vinyl will be available.


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