Shobaleader One


      Release: 10-03-2017 | Label: Warp

      Shobaleader One is de band van producer, programmeur en bassist Tom Jenkinson, beter bekend als Squarepusher. De overige leden van de gemaskerde band gaan schuil onder illustere namen. Strobe Nazard op keyboards, Company laser op drums en Arg Nution op gitaar.

      “Last summer a bunch of kids got in contact with me. They were talking about forming an ensemble, which I thought was a ridiculous idea but I was impressed by their perseverance so we met up. Their idea was that they wanted the ‘fantasy group’ I had written about in connection with [last album] Just A Souvenir to become a real entity that would record and tour. So we had a go at doing some recording and the story so far is documented on this record.”

      Shobaleader One speelt op Elektrac nieuwe versies van elf Squarepusher classics. Overdonderende drum ‘n’ bass met geprogrammeerde synths en het van Squarepusher bekende duizelingwekkende basspel.

      Bron: V2

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