Drie keer Beastie Boys op 15 december

      28 november 2017

      Op 15 december verschijnen er drie Beastie Boys rereleases: 

      The In Sound From Way Out (LP) – 1996
      To The 5 Boroughs (2LP) – 2004
      Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (2LP) – 2011

      Beastie Boys – In Sound from Way Out (LP)

      Originally released through the Beastie Boys’ French fan club, The In Sound From Way Out! is a collection of the group’s funky instrumentals from Check Your Head and Ill Communication, with a couple of new tracks thrown in. The Beasties have a flair for loose, gritty funk and soul-jazz, and the stuttering, greasy keyboards of Money Mark give the music an extra edge — he helps make the music sound as authentic as anything from the early ’70s. Pressed on 180G vinyl.

      A1 Ricky’s Theme
      A2 Groove Holmes
      A3 Pow
      A4 Son Of Neckbone
      A5 Bobo On The Corner
      A6 In 3’s
      A7 Eugene’s Lament

      B1 Futterman’s Rule
      B2 Shambala
      B3 Transitions
      B4 Sabrosa
      B5 Drinkin’ Wine

      Beastie Boys – To The 5 Boroughs (2LP)

      To the 5 Boroughs is the sixth studio album by the Beastie Boys. The album was released on June 14, 2004 internationally, and a day later in the United States. The album debuted #1 on the Billboard 200 with 360,000 copies sold in its first week and is certified Platinum by the RIAA for sales of over 1,000,000 in the U.S. Four singles were released from the album, Ch-Check It Out, Triple Trouble, An Open Letter to NYC, and Right Right Now Now. Pressed on 180G Vinyl.

      A1 Ch-Check It Out
      A2 Right Right Now Now
      A3 3 The Hard Way
      A4 It Takes Time To Build
      B1 Rhyme The Rhyme Well
      B2 Triple Trouble
      B3 Hey Fuck You
      B4 Oh Word?

      C1 That’s It That’s All
      C2 All Lifestyles
      C3 Shazam!
      C4 An Open Letter To NYC
      D1 Crawlspace
      D2 The Brouhaha
      D3 We Got The

      Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (2LP)

      Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is the eighth and final studio album by the American hip hopband Beastie Boys, released on April 27, 2011. The album received critical acclaim upon its release and was also a moderate commercial success, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. The release was supported by four singles – “Lee Majors Come Again”, “Too Many Rappers” featuring Nas, “Make Some Noise”, and “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” featuring Santigold. Pressed on 180G vinyl.




      A1 Make Some Noise
      A2 Nonstop Disco Powerpack
      A3 Ok
      B1 Too Many Rappers featuring – NASW
      B2 Say It
      B3 The Bill Harper Collection
      B4 Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win Featuring – Santigold

      C1 Long Burn The Fire
      C2 Funky Donkey
      C3 The Larry Routine
      C4 Tadlock’s Glasses
      C5 Lee Majors Come Again
      D1 Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
      D2 Here’s A Little Something For Ya
      D3 Crazy Ass Shit
      D4 The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine


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